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About Zumi


Artists are always chasing that elusive body of work that is identifiable.
My personality and art philosophy made it impossible to create a single style. Imagination and passion led me to create multiple bodies of work. After years of producing commissioned public art alongside other works, I have decided to exhibit these works as my alter ego/nom de plume, Zumi. The decision to separate specific bodies of work and attach the Zumi name is liberating and just plain fun.

The question often asked is, “If Zumi is a pseudonym/alter-ego/non de plume, where did the name originate? My mother’s name was Zuma, a name I always loved. At the time my first grandchild was born, I traveled extensively.
Because of my zooming around the world and the close connections to my mother’s name, I became Zumi to my grandchildren.

Enjoy and explore both sites. Public Art with purpose by Judy Sutton Moore is at, and the Women’s Series, Sculpture Books, and Studio Works are at

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